Stephanie Britto said:   
Life After a Short Sale – After undergoing a short sale in October 2008 and wanting to get back into the housing market 2 years later after having a chance to clear and payoff debt and breath a sigh of relief from a high variable mortgage rate, we contacted every realtor and broker imaginable and no one had the patience or courage to even consider listening to us or wanting to help us. Everyone kept telling us that we needed to wait at least 4 years before re-entering the housing market. I then called Sherri Mercurio to inquire about a house she had listed in Warwick and told her that we had did a short sale 1 1/2 years prior and that we really wanted to buy again. Expecting to hear what we heard from every other realtor and broker, Sherri’s exact words to us was “I will work with you until we find the perfect home for you and your family and will do everything in my power to help you own again. Don’t give up, it will and can happen”. Well, less than 2 years from our short sale, here we are in our dream home (which by the way was much less expensive than the first) and is much more affordable! My family cannot be happier!!! Thanks Sherri Mercurio!!! Life After Short Sale is a good thing!!!!!

Jason Taylor said: 
Sherri, thank you so much for your dedication and commitment over the last 17 months. Everytime I got aggravated and wanted to walk away from my house you talked to me out of it and mentioned all the benefits of completing this short sale. You told me it was going to be a long rollercoaster of a ride and you were correct. I could not have done it without you and I will forever be indebted to you. I hope everyone reads this and realizes how wonderful you are as an agent and a person. You are the best!

Sueanne said:
Sherri, thank you for sticking with me on the short sale of my house. You mentioned it was going to be a long road and you were right. Its nice to have a represntative who truly understands this business and knows how to make things happen. Thanks again, Sueanne

Julie Steonvich said: 
Sherri, Thank you so much for all of the hard work that you have done for my husband and I. You made light of a terrible situation. We look forward to purchasing another home in a few years and you will definately be our agent! Julie Steonvich